Journal Information

Aims and Scope

Information and Technology in Education and Learning (ITEL) is the joint international journal published by JSET (Japan Society for Educational Technology) and JSiSE (Japanese Society for Information and Systems in Education). ITEL aims to spread unique study results to professionals all over the world concerned with practice of technology in education, including theories of instruction and learning, as well as the development of the theory and methodology regarding the field of computer usage for education. It is an open access journal using J-STAGE as its platform.

Because the educational technology and information systems in education form an interdisciplinary area, the scope of the journal is widely concerned with the various aspects of education and learning technology research, such as practice humanities, social sciences, science and engineering, the learning sciences, educational psychology, and other human-related disciplines, as well as information science, such as databases and artificial intelligence, and cognitive science.

Co-Editor-in-Chief (Editorial Board)

ITEL Co-Editor-in-Chief:
Hidenobu Kunichika(Kyushu Institute of Technology, Japan)
ITEL Co-Editor-in-Chief:
Hiroki Oura(Tokyo University of Science, Japan)